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What It's Like to Be a Bird
David Allen Sibley
Hardcover | Apr 2020
1 in store $47.00
(more on order)
Beyond the Trees
Adam Shoalts
Paperback | May 2020
4 in store $22.00
David Frum
Hardcover | May 2020
9 in store $35.99
Save Me the Plums
Ruth Reichl
Paperback | May 2020
1 in store $22.00
(more on order)
The World
Richard Haass
Hardcover | May 2020
1 in store $37.00
(more on order)
The Abortion Caravan
Karin Wells
Paperback | Apr 2020
1 in store $24.95
(more on order)
The Bird Way
Jennifer Ackerman
Hardcover | May 2020
2 in store $37.00
In Praise of Paths
Torbjorn Ekelund
Hardcover | May 2020
2 in store $29.95
Jared Diamond
Paperback | May 2020
5 in store $28.99
Don't Burn This Book
Dave Rubin
Hardcover | Apr 2020
1 in store $32.95
(more on order)
Notes from an Apocalypse
Mark O'Connell
Hardcover | Apr 2020
3 in store $36.95
The Price of Peace
Zachary D Carter
Hardcover | May 2020
1 in store $47.00
Stephanie Danler
Hardcover | May 2020
3 in store $34.95
(more on order)
Rick Hanson
Hardcover | May 2020
1 in store $35.99
Spirits of the Coast
Martha Black
Hardcover | Jun 2020
1 in store $29.95
The Second Mountain
David Brooks
Paperback | May 2020
2 in store $24.00
My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me
Jason B Rosenthal
Paperback | Apr 2020
2 in store $24.99
Susan Smith-Josephy
Paperback | Apr 2020
3 in store $22.95
Enemy of All Mankind
Steven Johnson
Hardcover | May 2020
1 in store $37.00
The Soul of an Entrepreneur
David Sax
Hardcover | Apr 2020
3 in store $35.00
Hollywood Park
Mikel Jollett
Hardcover | May 2020
2 in store $34.99

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Mosaic Books is happy to be carrying Kelowna's own, Standout Puzzles.
Packaged in distinctive canisters, they feature Local, BC and Canadian artists. They are 750piece puzzles, except for the two round puzzles, which are 500 pieces.  For the puzzler seeking an extra challenge, there is a packet of StandOuts in every puzzle. StandOuts are optional extra pieces that look like they belong in your puzzle… but do they? Toss them in… if you dare!
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More Puzzles Arriving Weekly from Galison. Ravensburger puzzles on order will be 2-4 weeks.
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More Puzzles Arriving Weekly
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